Monday, August 19, 2013

Two Families!

The Millers stayed with us for a few days during their visit. We put all the boys in one room and the girls together in Thea Belle's room. It went surprisingly well. We even had time to have a couple nights playing games and talking with Leah and Eric (before Eric left on the Boundary Waters trip with Hiawatha Church guys). It was a crazy, intense, loud visit that was pretty stressful for Leah, I think, but the kids enjoyed some time re-uniting. And it was very good to be all together however messy it all was. (p.s. This is one reason I love Leah and her family -- we seem to have the same kind of "vibe" which makes me feel less freakish -- even if it meant high-volume noise, emotions, relationships, disciplining, attitudes, situations -- with zero stress BETWEEN Leah and me -- for which I am ever thankful.)

p.s. It also meant I didn't take a single photo during this part of their visit -- Brad took the ones in this post.

I am pretty sure Calvin was reading somewhere when this photo session was occurring. He and Atticus took turns getting lost in books in corners of rooms.

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Leah Miller said...

Aw, thanks for taking these, Brad!