Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Thea Belle's 3rd Birthday Party

Last Friday, at the princess' request, we had a pink and purple ice cream party for Thea Belle's 3rd birthday.

I gave her three choices of party dresses and she chose this one because it is twirly and poufy and pink. And because it is her "Jake Bugg" dress -- the one she races to slip over her head whenever she hears Jake Bugg come up over the speakers. (Charmingly, she can tell it's one of his songs a couple bars of music in -- and can even tell you if it's the sad one, or the one were he stands in a prairie field or...)

Backyard ready...

Add friends (-:

And pink ice cream (raspberry sherbert is her favorite)...

Thea Belle picked my outfit and how she wanted my hair and my earrings. Her fairy outfit and fluffy kitten courtesy of the Rowleys (-:



liz@carpeseason said...

So glad we got to be a part of this, even though my face looks so sour sitting next to the birthday girl! We love Thea!

Leah Miller said...

Happy birthday. Wish we were there, Thea Belle.