Tuesday, April 29, 2008

End of an Era

My sister Bekah just bought a new car -- a Honda Fit. And as is her style, it was quite the saga how she got there. Anyway here is the tried and true Festiva on the left -- which I purchased used in 1996. It has served our family well. We love her -- that we do. She now goes to live back with our folks.

The Ford Festiva.

The new girl. Congratulations, Bekah.

Daddy Time

Three of Brad's favorite things: Dietrich, Reading and Victor. (-:

Brad & Atticus greeting the morning.

Dietrich gives up and falls asleep in the clean laundry while Atticus "helps" fold.

Atticus and his friend Ranjana pretend to sleep.

Ranjana's little brother, Oliver the Cute

Monday, April 28, 2008

Trip to the Wildflower Park

Last week we visted the Eloise Butler Wildflower Park for the first time this year. We went again with Leah, Cal, and Isaac Miller. And this time our new friends Laura, Madeleine & Elias came. And then, a little later, Jess, Sammy & Freddie.

Here are the pictures from last year. Look at little Atticus...

Trillium not quite in bloom yet.

I thought these were Spring Beauties again but they're Bloodroot (ugly name that it is).

Calvin Miller, Madeleine Joslin, and Elias That-Laura-Joslin-Watches .

Me and sweet Dietrich.

Jess & Freddie

Isaac Miller

Calvin Miller

Leah striking a pose with her Ergo Carrier Unfurled

I don't know what this plant is but it was strikingly pretty.

Skunk Cabbage -- who names these things, really.

Atticus continues to love slides. And he totally digs Madeleine Joslin who is so kind to him. She pushed him on the swings and waited for him on the slides -- quite the little mother/friend. Thank you, Sweetie!