Thursday, November 29, 2012

You'd think I'd be posting photos of our Thanksgiving or even just giving some thanks from this season...but I haven't downloaded the photos yet and haven't had a chance to even think of all the living that is happening...

Instead while getting my treadmill exercise in this evening, I read this in a collection of Gerard Manley Hopkins poems (borrowed from my friend Shannon about 500 years ago):

"...With an anvil-ding
And with fire in him forge they will
Or rather, rather then, stealing as Spring
Through him, melt him but master him still:
Whether at once, as once at a crash Paul,
Or as Austin, a lingering-out sweet skill,
Make mercy in all of us, out of us all
Mastery, but be adored, but be adored King."

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Oh my goodness, today on Design Mom she did a piece on 3D printers -- how about a miniature model of you or a real kidney made from a cell? I am so excited...

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Flower Girls

Earlier this fall Thea Belle had the honor of being a flower girl with our friend Gabriella for our friends Marlene and Brian. She wasn't very sure of the whole thing...and didn't smile down the aisle. But she walked it and didn't cry.

Weird Things I Find as a Parent

Monday, November 05, 2012

Visit to The Ridgedale Library

My folks came up for a quick medical-related visit a couple weeks ago. I decided to take them up to the beautiful and excellent Ridgedale Library. The kids got to go to storytime and my folks enjoyed this enormous and well-designed library.

Lincoln the Star Preschool Student of the Week!

Carving out Some Time...

It seems as if so many things that should be fun and memorable 9in the good ways) are often much work and fussing and very little fun. Pumpkin Carving has been such for our family. And despite that each year we keep trying. This year we only carved one pumpkin knowing that the squirrels would devour it in about half a day and that it was pretty unlikely any of the kids would want to actually de-gut it. This year Atticus begged me to roast the seeds, so I collected them and roasted them and he wouldn't even try one. Only Thea Belle likes them. But at least Thea Belle likes them. Look how happy everyone looks here -- I think that might have lasted about 10 minutes before things began to unravel. Hm.

Dietrich is super happy.

Atticus drew the face he wanted and I transferred it to the pumpkin.

Sunday, November 04, 2012


The boys were ninjas. They each picked their favorite Lego Ninjago character.

Thea Belle was originally going to be a princess but a couple days before Halloween she insisted she wanted to be a dragon. So there you go. It was a little hard for me because everywhere we went people thought she was a boy. And the princess outfit was so cute. Ah well...she had wanted to be a pink ninja and I should have just gone with that.

Awesome poses...

A princess star wand...

With Atticus' school friend Roman...

It was so fun to have a big group of neighborhood kids go together...We had six families walk together this year. Yay for neighbor-friends!