Friday, October 31, 2008

My mom made their neat trick-or-treat bags. I was silly and made their costumes this year.
Trick-or-Treating with Daddy on our street

Atticus enjoyed it this year especially after we met up with our neighbor Gigi and her daddy and "team-treated".

Gigi as the "Princess" Belle

Atticus, Dietrich, and I handed out candy while Brad did dinner dishes (!!! Thank you, Babe! -- Better than chocolate candy (-: and I mean it both ways)

Painting with Gigi

Earlier this year the Deems family moved in a few houses down on our street. We were glad a nice young family with young children moved in. Then we found out that not only did we like these guys as friends but that they were real Christians and that Sarah, the mom, was staying home with her kids. And they're music junkies and care about aesthetics, and they read too (Jacob, the dad, is a high school English teacher). Oh, and Atticus fell in love with Gigi, their oldest daughter (Madeleine, or is it Lulu (-:, is their little one), from the very start. Anyway, we stop by there a few times a week and they come over for crafts or to play.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Hmm..What's This Slimy Stuff?

Sunday evening we carved a pumpkin. Atticus wasn't very interested this year though he liked it lit in the end. Dietrich was far more interested. Here I had taken the lid off and thought Atticus might think it was neat in all its stringy goopiness. Instead he was scared of it and backed away fast.

So I cleaned the lid off and then he was okay with it...but left to play when Brad and I cleaned out the guts.

Happy 2nd Birthday, Isaac Miller!

Isaac Saturday at his birthday party at Choo Choo Bob's in St.Paul

Isaac & his big brother Calvin

The Millers

Eric, his dad, lighting the candles

Isaac's response to everyone singing "Happy Birthday" to him --
He even blew out the candles himself -- umprompted!

"Big" Isaac & Eric

Laura, Jess & Leah

Eric & Brad -- looking saucy

I know this is a silly photo -- but I love Brad's expression

My Three Sons

This morning we had our 20-week ultrasound: We're having a very healthy boy. Because I will be 35 when this baby is due, I am automatically put into a higher risk group so they gave me a "Level 2" scan -- everything was checked -- all his fingers, limbs, heart chambers & valves, feet, brain lobes, organs are all there and very healthy. The only physiological anomaly (which means exactly nothing to his functioning) is that he has two pairs of renal arteries from his kidneys to his bladder: Most of us have just one pair, so my third son is already proving to be a prepared boy scout. For those of you out there who knew we were praying very deeply for a girl, be assured, I am completely okay -- growing into real happiness -- with another boy. I absolutely know that God puts exactly the right people into a family. This boy is meant for us, without a shard of doubt. And as added cream, we had a trio of lovely medical personnel attending us: the technician, doctor and nurse were all so excellent. The nurse has three grown boys and told us rapturously, even, how very fantastic it has been and is to have a three sons. Now we just need another good and noble name....

Friday, October 24, 2008

Ackland Family Photos

We had family photos taken awhile back and here are some to see.

Atticus & Aunt Bekah

My Mom & Dad

Robyn & Jonathan

Lindsey, Lilly & Aaron