Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Lake 2010

This year "At the Lake" was so so fun. The kids played much better on their own and made friends with the other kids in camp. In fact one of my favorite things about this vacation was that I felt like the kids enjoyed it so much. We met a great new family from Minnetonka who stayed in a cabin down the way. And we had fun taking the older two kids to Toy Story 3; Enjoyed a grown-up date together for pizza, uninterrupted conversation, and the movie Inception. I had so so much time to sew (post with photos to come (-:) thanks to my sweet, thoughtful husband and in-laws. And all of these glad tidings with our van breaking down, being towed to Elk River, and Brad having a "fun" day trip to pick it up.

My sister-in-law Kara took some great pictures of her, Brian, Max & Ivy and my kids too. She also got photos of Brad's Aunt Caryl and Uncle Leigh coming through for a short visit. Sadly I can't get any of her blog photos to copy onto my computer -- If you'd like to see them her blog is
Max and Ivy.

Reading with Grandma Nancy

Atticus' first canoe ride

Cousins! Max' 3rd Birthday

Little Ivy (our niece, Max' sister) with her grandma Kathy. Kathy and her fiance Ray had their first Lake vacation this year.

Brad playing Busy Busy Town with the boys

Lincoln having fun in the rain

Max & Dietrich reading together

Atticus said they were supposed to look serious...

The boys' first fishing trip

Max caught a bluegill!

Kara & Max

At the children's museum in Grand Rapids on a rainy morning

The children's museum is right next to Judy Garland's childhood home which has been turned into a museum.

With Grandpa Tom

Serious fun in the bathtub our last night at the Lake
My sister Bekah moved out of our basement a few weeks ago now...but she still comes to visit much to the boys delight. I am laughing because I didn't realize until I was typing this that her laundry hamper is parked at the front of this photo -- I'm glad that she ends up coming at least as regularly as she needs to catch up on laundry (-: She found a cool apartment downtown on the edge of Loring Park with two girls from her church. It seems like a great situation for her. I am working to get her room turned into a guest room before our baby comes. Another good thing about her new digs is that she can walk or ride her bike very easily to her job and church -- So that's cool too.

Big Brothers Waiting

The boys are so excited about the baby coming. This day Atticus diapered, dressed, fed, and put his bear down for a nap.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Big Zoo Family Day

Brad had the Monday after the 4th of July off so we took the kids to the "Big Zoo". The boys love this new playground that opened this season. The splash pad is right outside the play area so we did that next -- thus they are ready dressed in their swim trunks.