Monday, November 30, 2009

Our Tree

This year Atticus has been so excited about Christmas -- what it means -- Jesus is born! -- the story and the place names, the character names, the advent calendars, and the tree and presents and the anticipation of visits to his grandparents. He remembers enough to know it's a big deal.

He took decorating the tree very seriously. Atticus and I had been grocery shopping on Sunday afternoon while the younger two were napping. We were leaving the parking lot and found this beautiful little tree that was just right for us. We took her home and Brad got her up in the stand. I put on the lights and the two boys did all the trimming. Hurray! It is so very fun having children see Christmas.

Sweet Lincoln

Giving Thanks!

We took a long vacation down to my folks, leaving Tuesday night and coming back Saturday. My mom made a spectacular feast. We had some friends of my folks -- Valorie & Larry Raymond and their twin 7-year-olds Kiersten & Shannon. And another friend, Roger, joined us too. Bekah drove down from Minneapolis. Jonathan, Robyn & 1-year-old Clark live with my folks and also celebrated with us. They expected their second baby this past week and are still waiting -- poor Robyn! We enjoyed playing games for a little one night and getting to go on a date on afternoon to see the Fantastic Mr. Fox (which was truly fantastic -- I will post about it later). Brad was able read a fun kids' book -- the next installment in our Peter Pan series. And I finished a few sewing projects. Thank you, Mom & Dad! We love you (-: (Dad, sorry none of my photos with you in them were in focus )-: -- no reflection on my affection for you -- just a bad photographer and a frustrating camera!)

Bekah & my Mom!

Robyn, Jonathan, Bekah, Clark & Atticus

Kiersten, Valorie, Mom & Bekah playing Skip-Bo

Lisa, Rambling Conversation, & Great Music

Our sad attempts at Facebook profile pictures...

So I am really behind on posting -- in mid-October I had my dear friend and cousin Lisa come to visit me. She left her two young kids (Atticus & Dietrich's age) back in Chicago with her husband and came for about 24 hours to talk, to be with us, to get to know my kids better and to hear a great concert by Over the Rhine over at the Cedar Cultural Center. We've been fans of OTR since college. Lisa and I grew up on farms only a couple miles from each other, went to the same tiny school, same small church where our dads served as deacons together and switched being Sunday School superintendent. Anyway, I only get to see Lisa about once or twice a year and her generosity in coming all the way up here was just beyond over-the-top. We actually had some truly "real" and long conversations and had an entire evening at the concert courtesy of my sweet husband. Thank you Lisa (and Jason and Brad (-:)!!! I love you -- forever!

Our Niece Lilly's Pinkalicious 3rd Birthday

Our niece Lilly turned 3 and we missed her birthday party (down in Texas) )-: -- here are pictures from her party. Theme: Pinkalicious (a book series) -- Great job, Lindsey!!.

I love the cupcake tiers and the giant cupcake cake...

My brother and my nephew Grant...

Oh so cute...

That is a humungus!

Happy Birthday, Sweetie!!!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Lilly & Grant's Halloween

My brother Aaron (down in Laredo, TX) carving a pumpkin with my niece Lilly...


My beautiful sister-in-law Lindsey with my sweet nephew Grant (only a couple weeks older than Lincoln)

Lilly as Snow White for Halloween...

Happy Grant!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Happy Birthday, Calvin & Isaac!

So we missed Calvin & Isaac's birthdays...but we love them so we threw them a tiny late party at our house (-: -- Hurray for our friends!

This is actually at the end with the cupcakes...but it's the only group picture.

At the beginning with fruit snacks (a big deal at our house (-:) and presents and crowns for all our young kings (-: Shortly after we started Leah and I were deciding what to do next and Calvin jumped in and said "Hey, I'm the king, you should do what I say!"

Brown Bear (on the left) was a preschool friend visiting for the day. He and Bear (right) celebrated too!

My sister came up briefly for the indoor part of the party...

Ready to take our walk to the pond to throw rocks...

Throwing rocks -- very important king stuff...


I like this one because they are all looking at the mud --
That is not what it looks like they are doing, it IS what they are doing.

Happy 5th, Calvin! Happy 3rd, Isaac!
The cool lunch plates I was so excited to give Cal & Ike --

Aren't they perfect Miller eating gear!!?!