Monday, November 02, 2009

Bugs, Sharks, and Furry Boobies

Last week Dietrich & Atticus were drawing out in the hallway while I put Lincoln down for his morning nap.

When I came out to check on them they proudly displayed their colorful handiwork. I asked Atticus what he had drawn -- He said, "They're girl boobies, Mama -- Furry girl boobies." Oh dear.

Very proud of his picture "joke".
(By the way, it wouldn't come off and the next morning at preschool he excitedly showed it to his preschool teachers who, thankfully, thought it was hilarious.)

This is "a furry house" -- by Atticus, of course.

This is "a furry bug" -- Atticus.

This is Dietrich's shark.

And more of Dietrich's colorful angles and loops.
(Which I find on walls and floors and upholstery --
His graffiti is very easily identified.)

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