Friday, September 29, 2006

September Soundtrack

Ray Lamontagne, the album:
I found this fellow from a fantastic Paste Magazine article where you meet a quiet New Englander, husband, father erstwhile factory worker who taught himself the guitar and how to sing to stave off boredom-wrought insanity on the assembly line. The music is part classic rock, part folkie acoustic singer-songwriter, part blues with a slice of pop to give it that addictive edibility. There are songs with focused frustration and quiet anger. Most the songs are simply love songs of fidelity and devotion. I listen to this album twice a day.

Benny Goodman, album: Greatest Hits RCA/Victor
Just good fun big band stuff, who knew you could "rock out" with a clarinet? Besides, it reminds me of my Grandma who loved Goodman and Tommy Dorsey and Glen Miller.

Yo Yo Ma playing Bach, album: Bach Sonatas for Viola De Gamba and Harpsichord
Cheerful celloist...perfect nap music for Atticus

Gillian Welch, album: Soul Journey
1930's-style folk-country

Waking Up from A Nap

Playing with Mommy on a Rainy Afternoon

Action shot -- turning over...


Atticus on His Johnny Jump-Up 2

Thanks, Leah, for letting us borrow your jumper!!! Atticus has a new favorite past-time (-:!

Atticus in His Johnny Jump-Up

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Aunt Kara Swoops it Up

So Krazy Aunt Kara, who loves acting on the fly, swoops up here for one night and a morning. I love that my Johannsen Family drives up here on spur so often. When Tom and Nancy come I just sorta feel like I've got built in nanny help. I go off doing errands and taking a date with Brad and then I come home to all my dishes washed and Atticus laughing in his Grandma Nancy's lap while his Grandpa Tom exposes him to 70's acid rock. The problem for me as this little family's head recorder and archivist is that I always end up forgetting my camera and am not even around to catch half of what happens while I am out gallavantin' around. So thanks, you Johannsens, for making yourselves such a part of our lives living 4 hours away. And for making me so relaxed when you come to visit, that I go on "vacation mode"!!!

Monday, September 18, 2006

Atticus is Learning to Sit on His Own

The Millers & The Gollihers

Well, this week the small groups in our new church begin meeting for the first time. I am so thankful for the few couples we know will be in our new group. But I must admit that I am sad to be letting go of the little trio of couples we have been getting together with weekly for the last year. Leah, Eric and Calvin Miller and Joe and Anne Golliher have been our closest friends this first year of marriage. Leah even went with Brad to pick out my engagement ring. She walked and talked me through my pregnancy with Atticus and I've enjoyed our walks and lingering in the park to let Cal swing and play. Leah and Eric got Brad and me hooked on Boggle and (in an earlier phase) Quiddler and have been the kind of friends you can hang out with when all four of you are in bad moods and end up having a great evening together despite it all.

Anne has been my right-hand girl designing and printing my wedding invitations and programs and Atticus' birth announcements. We've shared recipes and excitement over paper and colors and clothes and the same design magazines. She and Joe gave us our first ever Wine Sampler and Tutorial (-: Anne was the girl who prayed with me and struggled alongside me as I worked (thrashed) through whether to marry Brad or not. Her honesty, her openess in prayer -- in sharing her spiritual sorrows, battles, joys have been very very sweet to me. For some years it is difficult for me to pray with anyone but Anne and Leah have been a safe and real place to learn this all over again. Thank you both.

It isn't as if any of us has died or even moved out of the neighborhood but I will miss seeing you every week the way we have. I am so glad we had this past year together. Love, Sarah

Atticus Dancing on the Dresser in His Slippers

Atticus in His Uncle Jon's Hammock

Atticus with His Grandma Susan & Grandpa Gary

Atticus with Aunt Bekah & Uncle Jon

Atticus and His Aunt Bekah