Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Fantastically Foxy

Thank you, Wes Anderson, for again making a film that is beautiful and hopeful and feeds my very soul. (Unlike Where the Wild Things Are, this movie did not disappoint me -- it was more lovely and funny and exactly what I longed for it to be.) When I walked out of the tiny theater in rural Wisconsin, I knew I somehow needed to make my children know they can do anything, anything they long to do -- if it's film or drawing or writing or music or accounting or mathematics or mechanical engineering. I want them to dream so very big and have the tools and character and faithful, persevering diligence to incarnate what they see. Please, God.

Wes Anderson with some of the exquisite models for the movie

Quinten Blake's original illustration for Dahl's book -- Blake did so
many of Dahl's books (all of them?) that I see all of his stories like this.