Monday, June 07, 2010

Out of Order

Hey! Look back a couple posts and find the pictures from our Memorial Day trip to Des Moines. (-: I finally got them sorted just this evening.

Friday, June 04, 2010

Input - Output

So I just saw this real playground slide on Apartment Therapy's website.

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Ah-er-gh-[breathe in]

All three of the boys are asleep for naps. That was not the plan exactly -- Atticus usually only takes one or two naps each week, but he fell asleep while I was reading Blueberries for Sal. I was so angry at the two older boys before naps -- Atticus has just been egging Dietrich on all day. I know Dietrich is too sensitive and needs to learn a better way to avoid conflict and find resolutions. But Atticus needs to value being a peacemaker and not take advantage of Dietrich's hothouse-flower personality. Besides that, I came down from putting Lincoln down for his nap where I was interrupted about 7 times (meaning Lincoln was woken up at least twice as many times as that), to find Dietrich covered in red FABRIC paint -- from his face down his shirt, jeans to his feet. FABRIC paint. And the paint was all over my "new" vintage crafting desk. Despite this, my reaction to this mayhem was terrible. I was furious. Furious at the mess. Furious at having my quiet time with Lincoln stolen away. Furious at Dietrich and Atticus' constant conflict and inconsiderate attitude towards each other. Furious. Furious. Righteously so -- yet unrighteously out of control and exhibited. So sin was just flying around poisoning everything. Argh. So we lay down on the bed to read stories and now they are both sweetly asleep. And quiet music plays. And my coffee is hot again in front of me. And I am sad that we ever have to have such scenes. That I can't supernaturally maintain peace and gladness and order in my home. That I can't just get all this room-switching and baby-preparation and daily-maintenance done peacefully and "in-stride" all the while cheerfully reading the kids books, planning play-dates, preparing meals, and providing stimulating and fun crafts and activities. Bleh. I need to stop writing and read my Bible for awhile...and pray. Please let me not ruin the quick, beautiful, messy NOW because it is so crazy and disorderly and impossible. I almost want to wake all the children up and hug them. Almost. But it is so quiet. I need to think for a couple minutes.

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Memorial Day 2010

Atticus & His Cousin Max (Umprompted exuberant affection (-:)
We went down to visit Brad's family in Des Moines over Memorial Day weekend. Friday we took the kids to the amusement park. [Thanks to my sister-in-law Kara who supplied a big hunk of these photos. We usually "tag-team" the capturing together (-:]

Dietrich, Atticus & Max with Candy after the train ride

The boys -- even Lincoln! -- went on these airplanes about 4 times in a row. They switched who they sat with each time.

Lincoln was so brave -- what a happy and "game-for-anything" little fellow!

Dietrich & Lincoln went on this kids version of "The Drop"...The guy running the ride was amazing -- so much enthusiasm and patience. I hope he works with kids in his "other life" off-season. Dietrich was so brave with Atticus just excited about everything. I love how much gladness Atticus brings to life and how it often helps my moodier Dietrich experience happy things too.

My nephew Max knows his limits (-: -- He is much more cautious but plays so well with all of his cousins. Here he quite happily watches with Grandma Nancy as Dietrich & Atticus ride the ride.

This is the craziest ride the boys wanted to try. I couldn't believe Atticus & Dietrich were big enough to ride it -- but they could if Brad went with them ( I was happy to be pregnant and thus exempt from riding anything wilder than the semi-truck kiddie train with Lincoln & Max). So Brad bravely went with each of them. He came off the second time woozy, but amazed at the boys.

Tired, hot, & very handsome Dietrich

Max & Kara, my Sister-in-Law

This was poor Dietrich's reaction to much of the water fun -- He hates water in his face and wet swim trunks -- again, poor guy, he is just too, too much like his mama.

Dietrich taking a "breather" with Grandma Nancy, Great-grandma Trellis, and Great-Aunt Kay

Brad & Dietrich playing "tennis" -- probably Dietrich's favorite part of the the back yard games.

(Yes, Dietrich is wearing plastic, yellow Mr.Potato Head glasses.)

The best group shot of the cousins Kara could snag. Oh dear.

The ever-serious Ivy breaks out in a smile for her daddy Brian -- way to catch it, Kara!!!

My nephew Max and niece Ivy

Playing on the Bunkbed

Morning Silliness