Sunday, December 21, 2008

Happy Birthday, Dietrich!

Dietrich turns 1 Year Old!!!!
Saturday morning we all rose early to clean up and cook (THANK YOU, MOM!!!!!!) for Dietrich's Birthday Brunch Party. Brad began the party with praying for Dietrich -- thanking God for our son and asking for God to make him delight in and fear Him from an early age. We lit a candle in a muffin and sang Happy Birthday to Dietrich twice -- because Atticus thought once wasn't enough.
The morning before Brad had requested a song for Dietrich from our favorite radio program ( -- the new station/program with Dale Connelly who used to be half of "The Morning Show" which just concluded after 25 years): The day D. was born, we were driving to the hospital very early in the morning. It was dark and snowing steadily, prettily. We got lost in some side suburb from the hospital and two songs played that made us stop the car in quiet, grateful awe: Bill Crofut's "Star Carol" and The Roches "Star of Wonder". The two songs seem so right for the kind of person I see in our young son. Dietrich isn't mild-mannered. He isn't necessarily quiet. But he has something deep and quiet and beautiful in him. And maybe just a little solitary like being somewhere warm, quiet, and dark in the middle of falling snow.

"Star of Wonder" -- Roches

My dad and Clark

Robyn & Jon

The Millers show up -- the party begins (-:

Gollihers and half the Deems and the Murnions also cheered us by coming to celebrate!

Joe Golliher!

My family left around 10 am because of the snowstorm. We had such a wonderful couple days with them -- everyone seemed so relaxed and happy. The boys were happy and fully enjoyed their grandparents and aunts and uncle. Thank you for all your help, Mom, with the cooking for the party and the Christmas dinner. Thank you, Bekah, for rescuing me at the mall so I could finish shopping for Brad's Christmas gifts without Atticus getting locked into dressing rooms or Dietrich falling to his death down stairways or my arms going numb from containing the Boy of Walking Wonder. And thank you for humoring us by opening gifts in the morning instead of our traditional evening celebration. You're good sports (-:

Anna & Sophia Murnion

My sister Bekah

We were surprised and delighted to have Brad's co-worker/friend Sitha and his wife Von and their son Henry come toward the end of the party.

The Murnions (-:

Dietrich and Atticus enjoying new toys

We love you so much, Dietrich!

Early Christmas with My Family

Thursday night most of my family came into town to celebrate Christmas and Dietrich's first birthday. Here: My sister Bekah, my sister-in-law Robyn, my brother Jonathan, and Brad playing Settlers.

Our nephew Clark and my mom

Opening gifts Friday morning. Brad went into work a little late so we could pretend it was Christmas morning.

A wooden stacker toy from Aunt Lindsey and Uncle Aaron -- we miss you guys & Lilly!!!!

My dad dancing with the boys (-:

The traditional chili and ham sandwich Christmas dinner that evening. We made a birthday cake for Jesus and sang Happy Birthday.