Thursday, March 31, 2011

Paper Mache Rockets and Young Children

Atticus wanted to make a Rocket Pinata. So one day, way too late into naptime, we started building a base for the rocket and then started putting on the newspaper strips -- It was messy and ridiculous and, of course, 10 minutes into the project, both the younger boys woke up and had to jump in too. Why do I think we can do these sorts of things?? -- crazy Sarah. Anyway, we got it done. We let it dry for a day. Then I think it's a great idea for them all to paint the thing. Did I mention I did it during the day without Brad as back-up? Did I mention our bathtub was out of service due to on-going leakage issues? Did I mention my two younger children poop often. they all start painting -- so far so good. Then the baby needs a diaper (and clothing) change -- I leave to change her. When I return the paint-to-clean-skin ratio on Lincoln has reached alarming levels. I decide that things are a little out of hand. I get some wet rags and start trying to do damage control. The paint is too thick.The rags aren't cutting it. Oh dear. The kid is going to need a shower or bath or something. Aargh. Can't use bathtub. Now Dietrich needs to use the potty -- and he can't wait to be cleaned off. He does his business -- paint all over floors and walls. Okay, Lincoln wants to be done painting. Need to get him cleaned up. I grab him trying not to get it all over me. Then I tell the other boys to keep painting -- please don't get down. I take Lincoln to the basement shower. When I get down there I strip Lincoln down -- realize he is diarrhea poopy. Argh! So I use -- please don't tell -- Chlorox wipes (that were in the basement bathroom) on his butt. It's true. I did it. Anyway, I try to get Lincoln into the shower without having to get in myself -- right. So Lincoln is hysterical, covered in paint. I keep hold of his arm so he won't run screaming into the yucky part of the basement. I get undressed with one arm. I get into the shower with Lincoln. I hear running feet upstairs -- back and forth across the whole first floor. So I get Lincoln clean. I dry us both off. I grab all our stuff. Get upstairs -- paint across the floor into the opening. Into the bathroom from going potty. Aargh. on and so on. We got the rocket painted. The kids clean. And the floors wiped up. Then it was lunch time. Whew! Tonight we fill it with candy and beat the thing to death with our friend Peter who is coming for dinner. I hope they have so much fun! (And that it lasts at least longer than, say, 5 minutes.)



Rainbow Love!

I so want to have my mom show me how to make some of these -- wouldn't that be so perfect across the couches in my house -- I am totally moving toward bright colors as I begin dreaming up what's next for the rooms in my house. As I near 40 -- only 3 years away -- I have decided to jump into vivid, deep colors -- the kind of clothes and surroundings and way of living that is so much more what is in me -- I have this completely rich, deep joy of a life now. I LOVE my husband, my children, our house, our neighborhood and city. I love the anticipation of all that is right now and all that is to come. And I want to fling away all the fear of any of being taken away or of all that I have not chosen to do or all that I am not as a person. I just feel so so much joy right now (even on the hard days of mothering little children or feeling regret for not having lived more fully before now). I am so thankful. So thankful -- it is growing and waving over me. And it isn't even the change of seasons or being 7 months into not being pregnant (and feeling so much better physically and emotionally) -- though these certainly help. I am just feeling hopeful and glad and wildly creative. Use me, God! Let this life, this home, this family just ooze with gladness all over everyone inside it and everyone who stands near us (-:!!!!!!! (P.S. I have got to do this rainbow project with my kids!!!!!)

Smiles...Just Because

Watching Dietrich....


Aunt Lindsey & Uncle Aaron sent these costumes and play microphone for Lincoln's birthday. They all love them! They pretty much haven't stopped wearing some part of each costume since they arrived at our house. We had just watched the 1960's Batman and Robin movie off Netflix. So Atticus & Dietrich are in a B & R craze mode (-: I actually am okay with this recent fad since I think superheroes who regularly put themselves on the line for the sake of what is good and right and for the protection of the weaker -- this is totally Christian, so completely a right attitude especially for a young man. We have lots of super hero dance parties with a soundtrack we made up on Rhapsody. The boys will all dance for an hour shouting out different super heroes as the songs change over. It's a crazy good kind of late winter activity.

Good for watching TV incognito...never know when your services of protection might be needed.

Or at the zoo -- also a great way to keep track of your kids in a crowd.

The boys all wanted to watch the bird of prey show at the zoo -- I could not believe how awesomely still they all sat -- for about 20 minutes...had to document it.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Grandma Nancy's Birthday!

Grandma Nancy's birthday is the day before Lincoln's so Atticus and I made her a birthday cake and we had a little celebratory meal during her short visit with us.


So do the dogs!

Story-time with Grandma before bedtime...

Lincoln's Party Morning!

We had a birthday brunch on Saturday morning.

The Millers & Lincoln!

Grandma Nancy arrives with the puppy Dudley! (Grandpa Tom was so sad to not be able to make it because of a work trip...)

The Bergets, the kids, & the Puppy Mayhem

Liz, Eric & Lincoln!

Grandma Susan, Grandpa Gary, & tired Lincoln!

Opening presents from Grandma Nancy & Grandpa Tom!