Monday, July 23, 2007

To the Max! Our New Nephew Maxwell John

Daddy Brian with Max

Mommy Kara with Max

The Noble & Mighty Maxwell John Ohorilko
Future Statesman Extraordinaire

Atticus liked bringing Max presents. He was gentle with him,
petting his head and pointing at his fingers.

Uncle Brad

Atticus gets Grandma Time while we meet Max

Max the One-Eyed Pirate Child

Como Zoo with Brad & Atticus

Well, our "week" at the lake turned into a three-day weekend. Kara, Brad's sister, had her baby 4 weeks early. Baby Max was fine -- came out at 6 lbs. 7 oz. (4 oz. heavier than Atticus at birth). Kara was fine. She had a sleek labor beginning early in the morning and progressing nicely until a few minutes after 5 pm. She did great. Grandma Nancy & Grandpa Tom hastily packed and left for Des Moines around noon on Monday. Brad & I waited a few hours and decided we'd have a more relaxing couple days down in Minneapolis at our own house. We had a good drive back and spent a couple days being together as a family. There was lots of Daddy-Atticus time. The second day home Brad came into the living room sighing at the end of the day (Atticus put to bed) and says, "Man, this is hard. How do you do this every day?" That was the most awesome thing he could say. have empathy (-: It is hard, but it's a great and wonderful hard job. Brad knows that, but it's nice to hear him be exhausted from Atticus and my daily routine together. Tuesday we took a long, long walk around Lake Harriet stopping to play at the playground. Wednesday we took a short scorching hot trip to the Como Zoo, which, to our surprise, was dizzingly crowded for a mid-week morning. Atticus' favorite parts were the fish in the aquarium, the monkeys, and the seals.

Camp Wildwood 2007

Last Saturday Brad, Atticus, our friends, Cody & Melody Oaks, and I left for Camp Wildwood up in Grand Rapids, MN. Brad's family has been going to this same camp for over 60 years. This is Atticus' second visit -- His first one he was only two months old. He had much more fun this time. He loved having people all around doting on him. Brad & I were so incredibly "stoked," as Melody & Cody would put it, to have these two dear friends of ours come for a couple days. We enjoy them so much and yet rarely get time with them, so we drove up to camp "Baptist Style" (girls-girls /' boys-boys) and caught up with each other and then had alot of comfortable relaxed time together over the next two days.
Grandma Nancy scored big with this toy. It is an electronic barn that sings to you as you put in the matching parts of farm animals. Atticus just loved this thing. The catchy, yet annoying, little ditty it played/sang was stuck in everybody's head (-:

Atticus had his first boat trip. We don't know if he liked it or not. His face had a permament expression of serious surprise the entire ride. He was definitely interested in boats and water. He loved walking down the docks to meet leaving and in-coming boats. And he and his grandma had a cozy time sitting on the dock watching ducks and loons.

Grandpa Tom Comes to Minneapolis

Grandpa Tom came to town for a week-long volleyball tournament over at the Civic Center. We were glad to have him be able to come over for lunch and dinner a few times that week. Whenever Atticus sees G.T. he gets excited and starts laughing waiting to see what will happen next. G.T. has a habit of doing something rowdy and silly making Atticus laugh and sometimes gasp.

We had a nicely low-key week following our long (18 hours accumulated in the car) trip to my folks and Illinois for Robyn's (my future sister-in-law) wedding shower. I'll be posting photos from that weekend soon -- they were taken on my folks' camera and I'm waiting to get them from my dad who is with my mom over in Ireland (!!!) on their long-awaited Gaelic Adventure.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Lois Greenfield Captures Beauty

Just beautiful dance photography...from sessions in the 1980's by New York photographer Lois Greenfield.