Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Lincoln at 2 weeks

Dietrich sunshine and storms, affectionate with us all, curious, ever-moving, strong, wonderful, horrible.

Learning to love books...

Always kissing and hugging his little brother

The boys adore their father...

Atticus asking to have his picture taken -- to make funny faces...

Two photos Atticus took with my camera...

Atticus likes pictures of himself upside down like this

Sunday, March 29, 2009

First Bath

The calm before....

Then lotion...which had a much better reception...

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

More Thank Yous

Thank you, Brad for all your help this past week. He has taken over most of the dishes duty and been so uncomplainingly, as always, jumped in with both feet. He comforts me continually, encourages me, chastises when it's obvious I need it, sympathizes with my body's aches and my heart aches. He is affectionate and loves me with words and actions.

Dietrich wearing one of the super capes my mom made the boys and brought up when she came to meet Lincoln. Thank you, Mom, for coming up and helping with about a zillion loads of laundry and sink- fulls of dishes and a mountain of ironing. Thanks, Dad, for making the work-sacrifice to come up here and meet your new grandson and play with Atticus and Dietrich; Thanks for helping Brad with his bike repairs.

Atticus made this game up where Dietrich is the lion in the zoo cage. Why he is a naked zoo-keeper -- well, I just don't know. Thank you, Atticus and Dietrich for forgiving me these past few weeks when I have been short-tempered and irritable and, really, crazy and sinful (a horrible combinationin anyone, especially a mother). Thank you, you guys, for being so sweet with your new brother and for finding new ways to play together every day.

Lincoln at the End of His First Week

Thank You, Bekah!

I could not have survived -- or at least, I would have been near despair if my sister had not been here to help us these last few weeks. Those of you who know my sister and me, we have not historically been able to get along very smoothly, but God has been so gracious to us both to have changed us and to also teach us each humility and wisdom about what and how to talk to each other. And I think we have also grown in appreciation for one another's differences -- and for me, to trust God more with the way and timing of how He works in my sister's life. I have had some trouble adjusting to needing help and also to having someone else here during the day: It is good in many ways but it changes the tone and rhythm and "feel" of our daily life. But that would be different right now anyway so...mostly I am just grateful to be able to help Bekah with this new phase of her life and to have her here to help us in my new phase, too.

Bekah starts her new job tomorrow morning at 7 am. I don't know what her new schedule will be, but regardless, her presence and thoughtfulness these last few weeks have been so perfect and so very needed.


An awesome picture Bekah caught on her phone this afternoon.

Sunday, March 22, 2009