Sunday, November 23, 2008

Atticus & Gigi Dance & Sing

I'm sorry for the poor filming of this -- move the camera strap, Dufus! (I also couldn't get the flipped version to save correctly so I guess you'll just have to use your neck.) But this was so nutty-fun for the two of them -- They're listening to the "[yell] song" (which is what Atticus calls it) or "Mahnya, Mahnya" by Cake (which is the actual track) on one of Atticus favorite CDs: For the Kids.


Before Atticus and Dietrich were born, I prayed that they would be friends -- really close friends, best friends. And I keep praying for that nearly every day. In the last couple weeks I feel like God has really worked in Atticus' heart and head through a couple of key conversations Brad has had with him about how good it feels and how good it is to share and about what fun it is to be a teacher (and that he could be a teacher to his little brother too). Suddenly he started bringing Dietrich toys and finding creative ways to involve him in whatever he was playing. He's even decided to get Dietrich breakfast "me-self" (all on his own) in the morning -- before he even asks for his own breakfast.

A few days ago Atticus lined up these chairs and said it was the bus and that Dietrich should get in so they could drive to work. Later Atticus said it was Dietrich's turn to drive -- so they changed places and Atticus gave Dietrich his own "steering wheel".

Today at the potluck after church I was holding Dietrich while I was eating, I turned my head to see Atticus carefully feeding his brother small spoonfuls of applesauce.

When we returned home mid-afternoon from church both boys were pretty wound up though still very much needing naps. Brad and I put them to bed in their room. We said "We love you. Have good naps." and left the room. A few seconds later giggles and thumping and squealing ensued. We waited awhile, opened their door and Dietrich is standing up in his crib jumping up and down. Atticus is doing acrobatic tricks on his bed to get his brother to laugh. Then Dietrich would try do the trick and Atticus would just crack up. We closed the door and let them play like this for an hour before grabbing Dietrich and taking him in our room to put him down for an actual nap. (Atticus never did nap, by the way -- though Brad did make him stay in his room reading books for another hour.)

I am so very thankful God has been working this enjoyment and play between (in in) my sons. It is so good for them and gladdens my heart so very much.

Gigi Comes to Play

Gigi even made her paint plate into a painting.

Sarah & Madeleine

A Very Long Bath

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Aaron & Lilly!
Lilly, our niece, turned 2 last Tuesday November 11th. My folks were able to be down in Texas for the party. We wish we could have been there! We love you, Lilly!

Lindsey & Lilly!
(Lindsey's due with their second baby, a boy, two days before our baby, March 14th)

Monday, November 17, 2008

Sophia Makes a Visit

Last week we were happy to have Anna and new little Sophia come for a visit.

Atticus took this picture of Anna -- by himself, with my camera
(He makes everything into cameras --
It's a kick he's on that I really enjoy encouraging.)


Dietrich turns 11 months old this week. Last week Dietrich began walking. He usually takes only a few steps at a time, but we've had him do 6 across a room. He loves to pull up and free-stand with a "Hey! Look at my trick!" expression on his face. He also likes to "talk" to us. Lately, he will repetitively mimic sounds you make when talking. Sometimes it even sounds like the word you just said. I've been so happy that he and Atticus have found some new ways to play together. Atticus plays peek-a-boo with him around the high chair after lunchtimes and came up with a noisy yelling game which consists of one boy yelling like a monster-pirate and the other boy responding in like. Simple and yet somehow entertaining -- even as a spectator. It feels like Dietrich is becoming more and more joyous and colorful as a person. I am excited to see even more of this little person revealed over the next months.