Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Wildwood Camp with the Johannsens 2013!

Here we are -- all but "Grandpa" Ray (Brad's sister's in-laws have come up for a few years in a row now -- Kathy is on the far right...Ray was out fishing (-:). This year we had two abins side by side which was just wonderful!

Atticus, Dietrich, and Max drawing! Lots of this and workbooks for the first couple days of rain. The kids did great with the weather challenges. I was so thankful for all the kids enjoying drawing and crafts and the new library books we brought. Yay for indoor, quiet activities that make kids and grown-ups happy!!

Nancy and my niece Ivy

Lincoln and Ivy

Nancy with Ivy and Thea Belle. We had the boys watch E.T. and the girls watched Tangled (Thea Belle's favorite movie right now).

Atticus going out fishing with Brad and his grandparents. He caught a bluegill!

Then the younger boys went out later in the week. Deke caught one and Lincoln didn't -- but he was okay with it. Such a cheerful kid!

Grandpa Ray, Max, Ivy, Kara (Brad's sister) and Brian (my brother-in-law)

These two were fast friends -- played house and drew and up at the playground and at the beach. They enjoyed each other so thoroughly. Yay!

Grandma and Thea Belle


Thea Belle!

Thea Belle's friend -- the cabin on the other side of us had a family of grown sisters with their parents and own families. One of the sister and Thea Belle bonded over their love of the water and sun.

Aunt Kara (back from working out) and Lincoln

This Elsa, one of the girls in the cabin next to ours. She and Atticus became good friends. They spent alot of time playing tag games with the other kids in camp and doing crazy jumping games off the docks into the lake and drawing together on the picnic tables of each others' cabins. Atticus was terribly embarrassed to have his picture taken with her so I couldn't get one of them smiling together.

Cousins and popsicles!

My nephew Milo!

Max's Sixth Birthday!

Boat ride!

An awesome catch of Walleye by Brian and Ray

A duo of brothers who were in another set of cabins brought this awesome outdoor theater and one night they showed Disney's old Robin Hood outdoor and made popcorn for all the kids!

We tried taking the kids to the Forest History Center a few minutes from camp. It has a reconstructed logging camp from 1910 with a neat tour and a bit of re-enactment. There were a team of draft horses and a blacksmith who both did demonstrations and then a few other actors who kinda play-acted some scenes from a typical day at the camp. These logging operations only ran during the winter months since the logs were so enormous (100 or more feet tall white pines) that they could only maneuver them down to the river over slanted iced roads. The trees nearer to Minneapolis proper were twice as tall -- the virgin forests then were around 200 feet tall. Wow. The tour was too long and detailed for our kids, but we will try again in a few years. Brad and I enjoyed it.

Beautiful gentle, quiet horses!

Their handler on the left had a spirit very similiar to his team.
The "store keeper/camp-manager"

Neat interactive displays in the indoors children's area of the forest museum