Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The (Mis)Adventures of Atticus & Gigi

So today Gigi Deems from down the street came to play. Gigi & Atticus love playing with each other. When Atticus goes to Gigi's house they play with (torture) the white kitten and Gigi dresses Atticus in Princess skirts so they can dance. the Deems also have a cool play kitchen all kitted out -- which is one of Atticus' favorite toys in all the world.

Today, at our house, they decided to color themselves with markers -- and how. Here they have moved their artistic efforts to the easel paper -- much better.

This is a session of spinning and falling over dizzy with sillyness. This shot looks like they know how to dance. (It is also one of their recreational ideas that wasn't destructive or dangerous, so I was able to stop disaster control and prevention and take a few pictures. (-:)

Wagons and Dirt

Wild Wagon rides by Wendy & Sarah
(as demonstrated by the great Windy Wendy)

Ranjana & Atticus conquer my dirt pile (or as I like to call it: The Garden of the Future)

Happy 100th Birthday to the F.B.I.

Lindsey, Aaron & Lilly celebrated with the FBI at their 100-Year Birthday Celebration.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Trip to Camp Wildwood 2008- Part 1

Bass Lake near Grand Rapids, northern Minnesota

Our Cabins: Nancy, Tom and Brian, Kara & Max stayed in one. Brad, Atticus, Dietrich, Bekah, & I were in the other one.

Next year we'll all stay together in one of the new swanky "cabins". It will be so nice to be all together in the same space, but I'll miss the old ones -- They seemed more like what a week in a lake cabin should be plus they were the same cabins that Brad's family has been staying in for over 60 years.

Kim (half the duo who run and own Camp Wildwood -- This is their 10 year anniversary of running it) and one of her daughters let Atticus sit on the 4-wheeler. Nice way to start out the week.

Brad, Dietrich, Nancy, Tom, and Jay (Kim's husband)

My sister Bekah drove up from Chicago-land to spend most of the week with us. It was wonderful. She is so good with the boys and just gives herself patiently and affectionately to them both. I had this weird satisfaction in them being able to hug and kiss her and just really want her with them. I feel like I have never been very comfortable with affection in my family -- especially, inexplicably, with my sister, and somehow my sons giving her this kind of love made me feel so very very happy.

Dietrich who oftens breaks out into gleeful "talking"

Dietrich with his Grandpa Tom

Dietrich with his cousin Max

Look at my boy's smile!

Atticus spent a number of times feeding the ducks. One mother duck and her brood of "teenage" ducklings pretty much lived up by the beach all week.

Max' first time in the Lake

It was wonderful for Bekah & Kara to get to know each other better. I know Bekah enjoyed Kara so much -- but, seriously, who wouldn't (-:

The boy's video the event -- while supervising.

Dietrich's first time in the Lake. His first time in any water other than the bath tub. The water was shallow enough he could walk his feet along the bottom, gliding along. I was impressed with how fast he could get going and loved how much he quietly enjoying gliding around.

We took Atticus for a paddle boat ride. He had so much time playing everyday that anytime he held still for a few minutes, he'd fall asleep.

Atticus adored this playground behind the cabins. There were many kids there this week and he especially charmed all the girls. He played basketball with the other kids and joined in a number of the games they came up with. He was completely in his element and really grew socially/developmentally this week.

First time he was ever able to climb one of these.
He could do it like a pro after a couple tries.

The traditional walleye fish fry at Uncle Doug's and Aunt Linda's -- They live (year round) in a house on the other side of the lake. This year Doug did some of the fish with cajun spices -- It is now my favorite. And, of course, there were delicious side salads and a sports game finale to the evening (the All-Star baseball game).

With Grandma Nancy who went with Atticus up to the playground and to feed the ducks and to the beach....again and again and again... Atticus ran everywhere he went the entire week.

Bath time

Dietrich and Atticus playing blocks -- together