Thursday, July 03, 2008

Atticus and the Water

Tuesday morning we met a big bunch of moms and kids at the Lake Nokomis Beach. The boys and I went early to take our walk around the lake. When we arrived back at the beach, Leah was there with her boys and then everyone else trickled in. Atticus fell in love with his new water wings though the lake took a little more warming up to. He was in a truly horrible mood -- so horrible that I had decided I would try feeding him an early lunch as a last ditch effort to "turn the tide" before surrendering and heading home. Well, he refused to remove his water wings while eating -- thus making bending his arms rather difficult. Now he could barely get the peanut butter crackers from his hand to his mouth. This acerbated his already foul humor -- but how could he part with his new puffy friends? And still he was so hungry. Tears and howls of anger overtook him. Finally I lightning-ed off one "wing" and added it to his left arm with the other one. Now he had a virtual arm- splint rendering his left arm unbendable. BUT he could now use his right elbow, and he happily ate his crackers. Soon Atticus spied bright red balls (buoys) out in the water. He now wanted to touch these globes of wonder...but I was still feeding Dietrich. Leah (Miller, of course) heroically swooped in and took Atticus by hand; wading and swimming him all the way out to those buoys. He was squealing with happiness...and then, to add to the merriment (and miraculous turn of mood -- thank you, thank you, dear Leah!) Leah urged and cajoled him into letting go of her hand -- and -- voila! -- he found he could stand and float and sit and glide and play all by himself in the shallow water. Oh, this day he fell in love with lakes. Next Saturday we leave for an entire week with Brad's family (and my sister) at the lake "up north". I am so excited for Atticus. And I truly think he may be able to escape my lake phobia. (I mean, aren't lakes basically fish toilets?) I hope he revels in the coolness and the sun and warmth and strangeness of the water -- I even hope he drinks some of it and doesn't think about fish poop and bio-contaminates. Let him be normal! Let him be happy!

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Leah Miller said...

"Let him be normal!" Hahaha! With all that surrounds him? Good luck, Atticus!