Saturday, November 23, 2013

Fun with Staches...

Thank you, Grandma Nancy!

Favorite Costumes...

This kid...Wonderful, Horrible, so so Himself

Jack! O! Lantern!

Thea Belle was fearless! and Enthusiastic!

And so was Lincoln!

Atticus, not so much...

Nor Dietrich...

Atticus tried it with plastic bags on his hands but he still couldn't do it -- too dirty, slimy...

Atticus drew the design...the younger ones cleaned it out...Dietrich was there. (-:


So for Halloween this year in the spirit of Sufjan Stevens Christmas Sing-A-Long-Extravaganza of last year, Brad invited our small group from church to join us for Trick or Treating and Reformation Day Singing and Feasting. It was a little crazy and it was the first night of Dietrich and mine 2-week fever/sickness so I didn't get too many photos and I can't really remember too much of the evening. Here is Dietrich who also dressed like this for Career Day at school. He wants to be a inventor-genius-billionare who uses his skills and resources to save people and bring about justice. Ironman it is.

Atticus like sthe graphic-novel book series The Notebook of Doom (which is much less scary than the title promises). The villians in the first book are the Balloon Goons (those floppy-armed air tubes that oil-change places often uses to advertise). So we made Atticus into a Balloon Goon with a cardboard cement-casting tube from Home Depot and some paint and blue fabric. Other trick or treators kept getting whacked in the face so the costume got schlepped back home after a block of violence.

Thea Belle the Princess, Lincoln the Pirate and our friends Keira the Little Red Riding Hood and Ali the Dragon

The Princess and her Sports' Ref Dog

Owen Berget the Monkey!

Yes, Brad dressed up as Pregnant Sarah. I don't know what to say to that.

A ----- Built For Two!

So any guesses what this is?

Well, it's the changing table that I moved out of Thea Belle's room to put out in the garage to give away. I couldn't get it down the stairs and I needed to start dinner so I left it here on its side until Brad came home. Lincoln kitted it out with chairs and made side-by-side potties so he and Thea Belle could pretend poop with company. Isn't that weird. My kids are weird.


Hello! and Dietrich's Fall Play!

So, Family and Friends, I had a little hiatus here on the blog. I am planning to take some of the back-posts away because of the kids getting older. Our friend Eric helped us back up all the old posts and I had toyed with switching over to Wordpress to blog. But the differences in posting and formatting were too much for me right now and so I just kept sitting over here, life carrying along and photos backing up. I wondered if I should quit blogging and just start us the time spent here for putting our family photos elsewhere. But then I thought about Brad and my folks and our siblings all scattered about and I think there is a good place for this way of sharing our family's lives. So here I am. Since I have a couple months of photos, I will start with the most recent to get me going. Dietrich had his Fall play and art show yesterday. The play was The Three Little Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf. He was part of the Straw House. They performed a poem about houses afterwards and then showed us around to the different artwork.
The orange and purple house at the top middle is Dietrich's "Tiger House".

A drawing of our house by Dietrich.

Yep. And his block house (not pictured) was "The Temple of Light". Watching Lego Ninjago overmuch?

This was a crazy house joke that Dietrich thought was hilarious.