Saturday, November 23, 2013

Hello! and Dietrich's Fall Play!

So, Family and Friends, I had a little hiatus here on the blog. I am planning to take some of the back-posts away because of the kids getting older. Our friend Eric helped us back up all the old posts and I had toyed with switching over to Wordpress to blog. But the differences in posting and formatting were too much for me right now and so I just kept sitting over here, life carrying along and photos backing up. I wondered if I should quit blogging and just start us the time spent here for putting our family photos elsewhere. But then I thought about Brad and my folks and our siblings all scattered about and I think there is a good place for this way of sharing our family's lives. So here I am. Since I have a couple months of photos, I will start with the most recent to get me going. Dietrich had his Fall play and art show yesterday. The play was The Three Little Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf. He was part of the Straw House. They performed a poem about houses afterwards and then showed us around to the different artwork.
The orange and purple house at the top middle is Dietrich's "Tiger House".

A drawing of our house by Dietrich.

Yep. And his block house (not pictured) was "The Temple of Light". Watching Lego Ninjago overmuch?

This was a crazy house joke that Dietrich thought was hilarious.


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