Sunday, August 09, 2015

The Ackland Week!

Fireworks with all 10 cousins!

Mom, enjoying the scene...


Caving at Maquoketa Caves State Park. Beautiful park, excellent beginner caves.

I was so impressed with the bravery of the kids, at the adventurousness of my husband (first-time caver), and how my dad could get in there with the best of them only a couple months after major chemo treatments -- my dad is a rockstar!

Brad was instructed by my brother Jonathan to do "Blue Steel" for the camera.

(photo from Ensoft Co.)

(Photo from Phil Rhoeder)


Lilly and Atticus!

Mt.Olympus Water and Amusement Park, Wisconsin Dells!

We arrived shortly after it opened at 10 and "closed it down" at 7 pm! Pretty impressive for 10 kids ages 2-9, eh?!

First time go-karting!

Horses and ponies at my sister-in-law's sister's home! Thank you, Jamie!

Yes, this happened.

Mississippi River Museum!

Blacksmithing demonstrated by young men...

The mirror that hung in Mark Twain's foray to his home.

Small cave exhibit in honor of the cave scenes in Mark Twain's books

Riverboat wheelhouse exhibit

Lovely mother-of-pearl vintage buttons

Real log cabin moved from Illinois and reconstructed here. 

River steam boat from the 1930's

Living interior of the boat

My dream chairs...

We celebrated our 10th anniversary on this vacation, so Brad took me and the kids to the church we were married in; the first church in Iowa, windows designed by Mr.Tiffany of stained glass reknown, absolutely lovely. This was a sweet, thoughtful surprise from Brad especially since our photos from our wedding did not turn out well. In fact, we have only a couple, poorly-lit, terrible photos of the two of us from that day (warning to engaged persons -- pay well for a good photographer -- it matters!). My mom found this church for us. And amazingly enough, there was one opening, a cancellation, for the next two years when my mom called -- the very day we had decided to get married!!! AND because my dad is a pastor, the church let my dad do our service for us -- which, of course, was so wonderful and perfect.