Thursday, June 26, 2008

Crawling Backwards

Nemo & Dory

Thank you for my fish, Grandpa Gary & Grandma Susan!

Atticus has been asking for a fish since he fed Koi at the landscaping rock store. My folks didn't know that Brad and I had been talking about whether to let him get a fish for a pet. I was for it except I hate cleaning out fish bowls. My parents showed up Sunday night with two little fish and an aquarium replete with a miniature filter and an LED light. An entire set up . Atticus loves the fish. He leaves the light on at night to watch them while he falls asleep and in the morning he feeds them right when he gets out of bed. I have named them Nemo and Dory (from Finding Nemo).

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Rocks and Chain Saws

My folks and my brother Jonathan and sister-in-law Robyn came up for two days to help us build retaining walls in our front yard and trim trees. Monday morning we went to the Como Zoo before beginning the work.

Waiting for the zoo to open

The male lion was roaring fearsomely loud, and Atticus is still talking about it.

They really had to buy him a wax gorilla...

Still Atticus loves this animal

A wonderful butterfly exhibit with dozens of species flitting and landing on us...

Tree trimming


More tree trimming

Atticus likes the chain saw

Next morning: A walk to the park...

Wednesday morning