Saturday, October 31, 2009


This year Atticus helped get the "gunk" out for the first time. I think it helped that he saw his preschool teachers carve a pumpkin at school. And at school they roasted the seeds, salted them, and he even tried them for the first time.


He has this look because he knows they aren't really supposed to be drawing on the railing -- only the ground...but...does it really hurt anything? -- No, so I said, "Go ahead (-:"

Atticus taking some pictures...

Cheese-y Cute-y

Lincoln at 7 Months


Our friends, the Misers, came for a "fly-by" supper on their super-busy, super-tightly-scheduled furlow back to this part of the States from Bolivia (where they are missionaries). We are truly thankful and honored to have been able to spend some time with you, Lisa, Natalie, & Scotty!!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

God Would Appreciate Chalkboard Walls

I must proclaim that Apartment Therapy dot com is freakin' fun. I love this site -- especially the kids' section odeedah. Please enjoy it, revel in it with me, like hot apple donuts and cider on a cold autumn day. Oh how I love beauty and order and all things interesting and lovely. Thank you, my beautiful Creator God. (I don't care what those tight-shoe-d Christians say -- He'd spend a third -- or whatever- of the missionary/outreach fund on a garden, wall-hangings, and a soaring spire. If you don't believe me -- open your eyes and look that this shockingly over-the-top splendid world around us. Heck! - take one good, long look at a blazing red, neon-green spangled maple autumn leaf.)

That is all.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Clark's First Birthday (Visit to my Folks)

When my camera comes inside from the cold it does this weird halo thing. sister-in-law Robyn and brother Jonathan...

Bekah, I and the boys went down to my folks on Wednesday night. Brad followed Friday morning.

My dad reading a very animated story to Atticus and Clark -- Watch his face (-:

My dad with Lincoln

This is blurry, I know, but I had to keep it for the gesture and expressions...

And my dad's smile...

My brother Jonathan making his son Clark's first birthday cake -- a John Deere tractor, of course. My mom baked the cake, Bekah made the frosting, Jon and Robyn cut the cake, and John and I frosted it.

(Note: Robyn is expecting her and Jonathan's second child, a girl, in just another month)

Jonathan & Clark

My mom watching Lady and the Tramp with Atticus & Dietrich

At Robyn's folks farmhouse with 6 of her 8 siblings and their families.

Jon and Clark -- who's ready for his cake-eating.

Sweet Bradley

My dad getting a kick out of Lincoln's happy and ferocious raspberry-ing

Clark's not so sure about this cake object...

But he decides to try it anyway...

He decides it's not so bad after all.

Opening gifts

Some of Clark's many cousins

My Dad & Jonathan

My Mom & Dad

Lincoln learned to sit on his own over the weekend -- while my dad was babysitting him! -- Hurrah!

Brad's magnificent hair -- I'm pretty sure he hasn't had a haircut since Lincoln was born. And, for the record, we plan to keep him unshorn for awhile yet....

Bekah brought her new Rock Band program and there was much playing of it over the weekend.

I love when Brad and the boys wrestle together...

No trip is complete without Atticus and Dietrich and their crazy naked running game...

Bongo playing....

Clark taking a walk...He doesn't need a hand but he likes one sometimes anyway...

Happy First Birthday, Sweet Clark!!