Saturday, May 26, 2012

Mowing with Rabbits

Aunt Bekah came by a week or so ago to say "hi" and randomly mow our lawn -- that's right, you heard me -- she sometimes comes and mows our lawn. I don't know why, probably just to be nice or she misses our really awesome lawn mower that she is always raving about. Anyhoo...this time she found a baby rabbit and we watched it for awhile until it got over lawn mower engine sound shock and disappeared.

Dietrich the Bear

Dietrich finished his first year of preschool last a week ago.

He and Mrs.Tana have a very special bond. They loved each other before Dietrich was ever in her class. When we would drop Atticus off his first year, he would give Miss Tana hugs. She is having her first baby this summer and will be staying home after this, which I am so happy for her and sad that the other kids won't have her as a teacher and be seeing her regularly. Sweet lady.

Brad came from work.

So did Aunt Bekah.


One boy decided to run up fast as he could to grab his memories/project folder and all the other boys thought that was awesome and followed suit.
Good job, Boy!

Atticus Sings

Atticus had his end of the year music program last week.
He had a speaking part but my camera glitched out focusing on all three photos I took of him.
Do you see him in the front row being a goofball?

Monday, May 14, 2012

Crafty Mama

My mom made this card for my dad the first Valentine's Day I was in the picture. My mom was 21. She made our matching dresses. I love you for many things, Mom -- One of them is teaching me to love making things and persevering in teaching me to sew (I was a terrible and obstinate student). Happy Mother's Day!

Oh Boy!

This is my friend Liz. She is having her first baby, a son, so soon!

Here's Liz humoring me by acting surprised. 
So we had a party to celebrate. A few of Liz' good friends from college all rallied together to plan a get together in honor of the baby coming. Thank you for letting me be a part of this! (This is Jen's house -- she hosted!)
I got to make banners -- and a cake that turned out funny! Jen made sweet little from-scratch fruit tarts. And there were flowers to take home and birthday cards (for 12 years of birthdays) to write out notes for the boy growing up. And there was much talking and laughing (-:

I am so excited, Liz!!

Potty Animal

So Lincoln is pretty near fully potty-trained. Pooping is tramatic everyday -- taking a couple hours of crazy-frequent trips to the bathroom, BUT the accidents are few and the boy's got it down. Good job, Lincoln Carver!!! First time in 4 1/2 years I've had only one in diapers -- Hooray!!! (For awhile I had FOUR in diapers -- whew! THAT was crazy!)

She only likes to try -- intermittently -- We haven't had victory yet. But she is interested, which is a good thing. Also, look at that face. Oh my.

Birthday Man!

Happy 34th Birthday, My Dearest Man!

And this is my husband -- almost always surround by our involved and invested in each of us. Relationships above all else. He takes care of us so well in so many ways. Thank you, Sweetheart! (P.S. Thank you, Meagan for volunteering, out of the blue, to come babysit for us that night (for free! just to see the kids! so sweet!) -- We finally got to see The Artist (Best Picture at the Oscars this year-- It is incredible!). Meagan was our part-time nanny Thea Belle's first year of life -- and we try to let the kids see her enough to remember her. We all miss her!)

The Zoo on a School-Day-Off!

Last Monday Atticus had school off. We decided to swing by and pick up Isaac Miller and head down to the big zoo. The boys requested this group photo on the mosquito. They wanted to look tough in this one.

Issac hilariously requested many photos where he would tell me where it should be and what he was supposed to be doing and then he wanted to check the picture on the camera and make sure I got it right -- ha!! This one he wanted Thea Belle up there with him -- can you see how well she cooperated?

This one, Issac wanted one by himself and then he called the other boys up for another group shot.

My sweet girl!

Happy Lincoln Boy!
No pacifier!! And a smile!
Oh how I love this picture -- looks exactly like the two of them.