Monday, May 14, 2012

Atticus' Birthday Menu

Atticus wrote out the menu he wanted for his birthday dinner. I *love* that the food he wanted most of all was cauliflower. Second, crinkly carrots. Third, pepperoni pizza. In fact, when we went to Dairy Queen after dinner, some friendly people sitting next to us asked Atticus what he had for his special birthday dinner and he proudly declared, "Cauliflower!" "Anything else?" they asked. "Oh, and carrots too!" They looked at me strangely and I assured them he also had pizza. It was pretty funny. He will have a birthday party with some of his friends this Friday -- until then, here are some party pictures (sorry about my frustrating non-focusing camera -- aargh!) from our early morning Atticus-Celebration.
Six Years Old!!!

I love you so very much, my young man.

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