Tuesday, October 20, 2009

God Would Appreciate Chalkboard Walls

I must proclaim that Apartment Therapy dot com is freakin' fun. I love this site -- especially the kids' section odeedah. Please enjoy it, revel in it with me, like hot apple donuts and cider on a cold autumn day. Oh how I love beauty and order and all things interesting and lovely. Thank you, my beautiful Creator God. (I don't care what those tight-shoe-d Christians say -- He'd spend a third -- or whatever- of the missionary/outreach fund on a garden, wall-hangings, and a soaring spire. If you don't believe me -- open your eyes and look that this shockingly over-the-top splendid world around us. Heck! - take one good, long look at a blazing red, neon-green spangled maple autumn leaf.)

That is all.

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