Friday, July 12, 2013

Their First Water Park

Tuesday morning I took Atticus and Dietrich to the Edina Aquatic Center. This was their first water park experience. The were so! brave on the water slides. And I bought them extra passes to try the surf simulator (which I so badly wanted to try myself). That thing is awesome!!! The instructors were so nice and patient. Atticus and Deke were the youngest ones I saw trying it. They had some spectacular wipe-outs but Dietrich went back twice to practice. The teen-age guys using it were so sweet with the boys. Totally polite and encouraging. We actually met some friends there - Rachel Burdette and Jerusha and Isaiah AND my sister randomly showed up with a friend (-: -- but I didn't get any photos because I was playing with the boys. I think that might be the first time I've done a waterslide since high school (maybe college). It was so fun! The air was cold that morning but the water was heated and there were some pockets of sun at the beginning and end of our visit. Another success! (Oh, and even though they aren't really swimmers yet -- despite a couple years of lessons -- they put on life jackets and had tons of fun in the enormous pool.)

This is what the surf simulator looks like. The water shoots out from that base at the bottom. The teen age boys did lots of tricks standing up and knee boarding.

The previous four photos are stock photos off the internet -- but this gives you an idea of what Atticus and Dietrich were practicing -- they stayed like this kid -- on their stomach. Deke tried getting up on his knees -- and almost did it but got too tired out. I was thankful he didn't freak out.

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