Friday, July 12, 2013


Wednesday night I went to this with Brad, my folks, and my sister-in-law Kara. St.Paul Midway (where the St.Paul Saints play their games). Idyllic July day. Sun-filled, breeze-y, old-school freight trains periodically adding their own music in the background...And Brad found me ear plugs (from a super nice security guard) so I could join him and Kara in the front row (you heard me right).

Richard Thompson Electric Trio

Jim James of My Morning Jacket -- He was a character. Really. Crazy.

My good-looking folks were back on a blanket in the grass -- I sat with them for awhile before Brad got me the earplugs -- way too loud without some. I am a wuss.(p.s. My dad brought his own earplugs from home -- somehow this arcane fact makes me feel closer to him.)

My mom knitted while she listened (until she lost daylight). It was adorable and so very "her".

My dad and his RC Cola stash -- He waited so long in line to buy a drink, he decided to make it worth his time. He's awesome.

Wilco -- up third in the line-up

My favorite picture -- brother and sister -- life-long Wilco fans with the band behind them.

Wilco was by far the best act of the night -- they are so good in concert -- This is the 6th time I've seen them and no two concerts are the same -- completely different mood/experience every time. Yeah-O!

Nels! Tweedy! Stirratt!

My Morning Jacket came out and played with Wilco for awhile (local band Trampled by Turtles came out and played with M.M. J. earlier). Fun intermixing.

Night time and really strict security guards by the time Dylan got on stage...these are my two token contraband photos. His voice was so growl-y it was almost unintelligible in terms of lyrics, but the musicians playing with him were solid. I ended up ducking out after three songs to sit with my folks -- the crowd was pressing in crazy tight and a lot of people were pretty drunk -- I got a beer spilled on me from behind and decided I was ready for some "air". I enjoyed sitting in the night cool with my folks and doing some people watching. The night was a good experience -- the big kind of entertainment that happens infrequently enough to make it special. Most date nights Brad and I are happy reading books together on the couch, doing some talking, and tackling a NYT crossword together before bed. I am thankful we both like quiet and simple best of all.

But it was cool to one time be this close to The Bob.

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liz@carpeseason said...

What perfect weather you guys had for your concert! I'm so glad you got to go, and that picture of Brad & Kara is so perfect :)