Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Happy Birthday, Calvin & Isaac!

So we missed Calvin & Isaac's birthdays...but we love them so we threw them a tiny late party at our house (-: -- Hurray for our friends!

This is actually at the end with the cupcakes...but it's the only group picture.

At the beginning with fruit snacks (a big deal at our house (-:) and presents and crowns for all our young kings (-: Shortly after we started Leah and I were deciding what to do next and Calvin jumped in and said "Hey, I'm the king, you should do what I say!"

Brown Bear (on the left) was a preschool friend visiting for the day. He and Bear (right) celebrated too!

My sister came up briefly for the indoor part of the party...

Ready to take our walk to the pond to throw rocks...

Throwing rocks -- very important king stuff...


I like this one because they are all looking at the mud --
That is not what it looks like they are doing, it IS what they are doing.

Happy 5th, Calvin! Happy 3rd, Isaac!
The cool lunch plates I was so excited to give Cal & Ike --

Aren't they perfect Miller eating gear!!?!

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Leah Miller said...

We had soooo much fun. I feel very spoiled and loved. And so do my boys. Thanks, SJ.