Monday, November 30, 2009

Giving Thanks!

We took a long vacation down to my folks, leaving Tuesday night and coming back Saturday. My mom made a spectacular feast. We had some friends of my folks -- Valorie & Larry Raymond and their twin 7-year-olds Kiersten & Shannon. And another friend, Roger, joined us too. Bekah drove down from Minneapolis. Jonathan, Robyn & 1-year-old Clark live with my folks and also celebrated with us. They expected their second baby this past week and are still waiting -- poor Robyn! We enjoyed playing games for a little one night and getting to go on a date on afternoon to see the Fantastic Mr. Fox (which was truly fantastic -- I will post about it later). Brad was able read a fun kids' book -- the next installment in our Peter Pan series. And I finished a few sewing projects. Thank you, Mom & Dad! We love you (-: (Dad, sorry none of my photos with you in them were in focus )-: -- no reflection on my affection for you -- just a bad photographer and a frustrating camera!)

Bekah & my Mom!

Robyn, Jonathan, Bekah, Clark & Atticus

Kiersten, Valorie, Mom & Bekah playing Skip-Bo

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