Thursday, October 23, 2008

Trip to Meet Clark

Clark at a week old

Dietrich fell asleep in my dad's lap

Atticus yelling "NO!" because he's in a bad mood

And he means it

My dad yelling "NO!" back at him -- just because he's ornery too

Atticus still yelling "No!" but trying not to laugh at my dad's teasing

Unstaged -- I came around the corner and here they were -- two peas in a pod

Making morning brownies

Atticus said he was a Brownie Monster

What happened every time Jon tried to sit down -- Play with me, Jon!

Jonathan & Rebekah
My sister was able to come for most of one day, out from Chicagoland. It was her first time to meet Clark too.

Clark & his momma Robyn

Spider Hat craft from Grandma

Sunrise the day we left

1 comment:

Leah Miller said...

Clark is one good-looking baby.

The rest of you aren't so bad, either.