Thursday, November 29, 2012

You'd think I'd be posting photos of our Thanksgiving or even just giving some thanks from this season...but I haven't downloaded the photos yet and haven't had a chance to even think of all the living that is happening...

Instead while getting my treadmill exercise in this evening, I read this in a collection of Gerard Manley Hopkins poems (borrowed from my friend Shannon about 500 years ago):

"...With an anvil-ding
And with fire in him forge they will
Or rather, rather then, stealing as Spring
Through him, melt him but master him still:
Whether at once, as once at a crash Paul,
Or as Austin, a lingering-out sweet skill,
Make mercy in all of us, out of us all
Mastery, but be adored, but be adored King."


liz@carpeseason said...

Ooh, can I borrow that for 500 more years when you're done? We've been on a super Gerard kick since L'Abri last year.

Sarah! said...

Let me ask Shannon -- I think I am going to just buy her a new one since I couldn't help making a few marks in it -- aargh! It's so good except when I am confused and then it's probably still good , I just can't get it. (-: