Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Aaron, Lindsey & Lilly visit a Ranch

Most of you know my brother Aaron, sister-in-law Lindsey, and Niece Lilly are "stationed" in Laredo, TX with the F.B. I. This is what Lindsey wrote about their recent vacation to visit the family ranch of one of Aaron's coworkers:

"Here's some pics from the ranch we went to this weekend. I didn't get any pictures of wildlife, but we saw tons of it. We saw dear, cows, wild pigs, wild turkeys, a snake in the water and an alligator in the water. It was crazy how much we saw. This ranch was amazing. It is 4500 acres. It's been in our friends family since 1890's. They sell water to neighboring towns, oil and natural gas. They also rent the space to some farmers to allow there cattle to graze. It reminded me a lot of So. Ill. There was a lot of green there. Lots of big trees and green grass. It was nice and peaceful there."

"Notice the fire on the marshmallow, Aaron says that's how you know it's done."

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