Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Grandma Nancy's Birthday Trip

Friday we left for a trip to Des Moines for a belated gift for Grandma Nancy. Grandpa Tom was a little Fish-Channel Crazy.

Brad strenuously multi-tasking: The crossword and angling switchbacked with a baseball game.
The look I get when I know I have achieved Grand-Annoyer Status

Notice Tom in the back-ground right before the next picture

Atticus getting into the spirit of things: Iowa Cubs hat and remote control.

Atticus and Cousin Max. Saturdays begin with Kara dropping Max off so she can get down to open her coffee shop. Then we call Great-Grandma Trellis and meet her for breakfast. This time I forgot to take pictures )-: -- sorry Trellis!

Sweet Max

Kara and Max

This is a notable moment only because no one is holding Dietrich.

Grandma & Bubbles

Great Aunt Kay drove in from the country to enjoy the boys and bring her jolly-ness.

Trellis, Uncle Brian & Aunt Kara

This was Atticus favorite part of the trip -- the playground only a couple blocks from Tom and Nancy's house. This the first time he was tall enough and coordinated enough to get up the stairs and go down the slides himself. "More! More!" he laughed with glee over and over again back up the stairs.

And then the big steep scary slide!


kara said...

did you buy your camera from the same store that the Gap buys it's dressing room mirrors? (i *knew* that i still looked pregnant, and your pictures confirm it!) :)

minus the ones that i'm in, i LOVE the pictures. as always, thank you for sharing them. and also, it was wonderful spending time with you guys this weekend!

Leah Miller said...

Kara, you are funny.

I love the pictures! Especially the playground ones. Looks like you guys got lots of lovin'.