Thursday, April 03, 2008

Anecdotal Atticus

At the beginning of the week we received around 8 inches of snow. When Atticus woke up that morning, Brad had him look out the upstairs window to see the view. Atticus says, "Brrr...snow." Then he pauses, thinking. Looks at Brad and says, "No, no. Birdies." He thought there should be birds singing not snow. How true.

A couple days later I had been upstairs working while Atticus was playing downstairs. I walked down the stairs, took the corner, and there's Atticus sitting cross-legged in the middle of the dining room table. He sees me, lighting up with a giant grin, spreads his arms out wide and says, "Ta-da!" I turned to face the kitchen wondering if I should make a big deal about not doing that again or just be impressed with his climbing skills, help him down and let that be that. Then I turn back around and he's stood up and is doing an enthusiastic and exuberant jig right at the edge of the table where the (antique -- mind you) table section is only held up by a little metal swing arm. Oh dear. How is he still alive?

This afternoon in lovely 50+ degree weather we took a meandering stroll along our street. Just this week Atticus has begun pretending to be a dog. So as we're walking, he decides to get down on all fours and walk along beside me (through puddles and along the muddy bottoms of trees) to be a dog. He even stopped to eat some old leaves and tasted some muddy grass (yes, my kid who won't eat grilled cheese sandwiches or french fries eats moldy yard debris as his alter-canine-ego). He had so much fun...oh Spring is finally here -- I have the furnace turned off and had the windows open all afternoon!

This evening right before his bath, Atticus sat on the toilet and peed for the first time! Most of it ended up on the bathroom rug and toilet seat, but still! We were both excited, though I am afraid he was more delighted in the way the pee made patterns on the rug...but, I won't think about where that will take us. But the point is: he peed in the toilet. So there you go.


Leah Miller said...

Congratulations, Atticus!

PS Maybe you should tell him that dogs eat lots of veggies.

Rachel said...

Good job Atticus! Our Timothy is finally potty-trained and what a relief that is! Seemed to take such a long time, but finally it "clicked" this winter.