Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Dietrich Starts Kindergarten!

Dietrich Lewis age 5 years and 8 months. He looked like a 1st grader in the big pack of neighborhood kids getting on the bus. And especially with the other kindergartners. He spent this week mourning the end of his childhood -- I am not kidding. He wanted to know how many years of school he had ahead of him. I answered, "At least 17." And then he asked, "And then I get a job, right?" "Hopefully. That's the way it usually goes." I replied. Then he started crying angry tears. "I'm just not ready for all that yet, Mom." I tried to reassure him that there were many interesting and exciting things ahead of him -- learning and discovering and exploring. New freedoms. New friends. And that some people even enjoy school and their jobs. But he wasn't so sure of my enthusiasm. Then he asked if Lincoln could stay up from his naps now so they could at least play together in the afternoons. I said, "Sure." And then he seemed to do a little better. This morning, however, he was so excited and was the first kid onto the bus. He sat with an older neighbor kid he already knows. And there were no tears at all. I must say, it is very nice to have one out of two school kids who is focused and "on task" getting ready in the morning. He came downstairs, got dressed, put his shoes on (tied them by himself), ate his breakfast, put on his backpack and was ready 10 minutes before we needed to leave. Awesome. (Atticus was still in the bathroom brushing his teeth and doing something to his hair, with no shoes on, and his breakfast forgotten and uneaten on the table -- a book had, shockingly -- ha! -- distracted him during that part of the routine. Oh, Atticus!) So we will see how the inaugural day unfolds for our new grade schooler.

Our neighborhood group minus one new kindergarten family that showed up after the photo.

(This one is chronologically out of order, but it looks like how it feels having those two launch off: Deke wanted to run to the bus stop -- Here's A. and D. on their way...)


liz@carpeseason said...

GAh! your kids are so old. I am a grandmother.

Leah Miller said...

I LOVE your description. And I am so impressed with Deke. Eric told me the other day "Um, we are going to teach our boys how to tie their shoes one day, right?" Ha!