Thursday, August 01, 2013

Kara's Pictures of the Lake!

Yay! for a sister-in-law with awesome picture-taking abilities (-: Here are some of her photos of the week.

Max's Birthday Party

"Grandpa" Ray and Grandpa Tom

Max is a serious fisherman (and golfer and baseball-er and board-gamer and...)

Brad being an awesome uncle and dad...catching Ivy (and all the other kids) off the dock

Lots of fireside visits/antics (and lots! of mosquitoes!!!!)

I love how sitting down to draw brings children -- Ivy was my pal (-:


liz@carpeseason said...

From your pictures in the last post and Kara's in this, looks like a sweet trip. Love to see all those littles in one space! Miss you guys!

Leah Miller said...

Great pic of Ivy jumping in!