Friday, August 16, 2013

Getting Geared Up....



So Thea Belle starts preschool in another 2 weeks...and the tradition in our family has become to get a good backpack. Atticus, entering 2nd grade, still uses the one he received to start preschool. I've been super happy with Pottery Barn's quality and size and price. And because the elementary school requires students' names to be on the backpack, PB will embroider names for a low cost. But this year not only was I a little "meh" about the girl colored designs but when I went to enter Thea Belle's name, the system wouldn't allow more than 9 letters. So I tried entering "TheaBelle" (no space) but I couldn't capitalize in the middle of the name. Argh. I tried calling customer service and there is no "over-ride". So I looked at a zillion other brands (including L.L.Bean and Garnet Hill and Jansport and Northface, etc.) but everything of equal quality was either more expensive or wasn't a design/color that seemed right. SO -- I ended up ordering this PB one plain. And then I Thea Belle-ized it. Yay! 



liz@carpeseason said...

So cute! So personal. Will you make me a backpack please?

Leah Miller said...