Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Ackland Week: Part 1 (Random Photos That Didn't Fit into One of the Big Themes)

The first week of August we headed down to Potosi, WI to spend a week with my folks and all of my siblings and their families. 10 cousins this year -- Atticus the oldest, Wrangler (my brother Jonathan's youngest son) the youngest. We spent the week bowling, visiting a dairy farm, going to an indoor water park, Brad and I hitting our 8th year wedding anniversary, and celebrating Daphne's (my brother Jon's youngest daughter) 2nd birthday. Here the kids are shucking corn with Grandpa and Aunt Bekah.

The pool my dad set up for the grandkids in the backyard -- It ended up being super cold the week we were there -- too cold to really swim (hard to believe with the heat we're having this week but...)

Brad coming back from one of his epic (hills!!!!) Wisconsin bike rides.


Dinner out with all my siblings (and spouses)!

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liz@carpeseason said...

That picture of Atticus might need to replace the hilarious one we have of him and Deke in masks on our fridge that's like 3 years old. Deke looks like the Phantom of the Opera in it, and it's one of my favorites, ever...but this one. Well. I can't even deal.