Monday, August 19, 2013

Happy Birthday, Rose!!!

So, in July, the Millers came from Toronto for a two-week visit. They had so many people to spend time with and mini-trips inside the trip, etc. I was so!!! thankful!!! to spend a number of days with them. The last day we were here in the cities (before leaving for my folks' for a week) Leah threw a birthday party for Rose at Hiawatha Park. It was a beautiful morning and the most relaxing visit Leah and I had together (other than an epic talking-walk we had toward the beginning of their trip (-:). Rose Miller you are beautiful. I am glad to celebrate your 3 years! Leah Miller -- I still love you body and soul! Always! (photo by Leah)

All the kids having cupcakes

I love Lincoln's look at his sister captures some of the best of his affectionate personality (minus the crazed, maniac-al, complete-lack-of-judgement parts).

(Leah caught this pretty awesome photo of Brad and me...)

(And this one with Laura...)

Rose and Thea Belle

Rose, TB, Madeleine, and Lincoln

Leah and Anne

Brad, Vic and Lincoln talkin' with the McCowens...Lisa is flying like an eagle?

Great photo of Brad and the boys by Leah

Sarah McCowen, Rose and Calvin (by Leah)

Hannah, Rose, and Madeleine (by Leah)

Deke in a tree (by Leah)
Anne & William

(photo by Leah)

Thea Belle, William Golliher, Rose

Calvin thought his photo-bombing was soooo funny (-:

Yay, Rose! (photo by Leah)

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Leah Miller said...

Hahaha! I'm cracking up remembering all the craziness that happened. I especially love that we tried to get the preschoolers to do a cheerleader pyramid.