Monday, August 19, 2013

Trying so hard...

This week Brad emailed this to me:

About an incredibly gifted pitcher that tries so hard to be perfect it gets him into trouble physically and emotionally...

"Jeff wants it so bad that sometimes he just gets out of whack, like we all did as pitchers," Bosio said. "(We're) just trying to keep the reins on him. A lot of times, not just as pitchers but as players, we are our own worst enemy because of our effort level. It can get you into a funk. So he has some checkpoints that he has to stay with. But he finished well."

This one could be about you.
I love you. Don't be your own worst enemy today, okay?

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Leah Miller said...

This is embarrassing, but I thought it was talking about a fictional story about a water pitcher. After rerereading, and remembering that Brad wrote it, it all came together for me.