Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Atticus Starts 2nd Grade!

Monday August 26th 2013: Atticus Robert starts 2nd Grade.

Neighbor kids (minus the kindergartners)

Getting off bus at end of day -- one of the hottest of the summer. No a/c at the school!!

Atticus was very hot and it took a couple hours in air conditioning and a snack to bring back the happy. He ended up telling Brad quite a bit about his day at the dinner table. I was glad to be there to overhear. I learned last year that there's no pulling it out of the kid unless he's ready. It usually happens at funny times of the day or later in the week. Atticus has so many traits that are similar to both Brad and myself and then some, of course, that are all his own. But one that is like Brad, is that if you push or pull in a certain direction, he natural instinct is to go in the exact opposite direction. Wait and be patient. And give him some time to himself and a snack. (Works pretty well for Brad too (-:).

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liz@carpeseason said...

heat + hunger are killer. Glad you got to hear about his day :)