Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Thea Belle Turns Two!

Yesterday Thea Belle turned two! My folks came up Sunday night and Brad's folks came Monday afternoon for her party last night. In the morning we played it easy with some time at the park. (Saturday Thea Belle fell face-first while running and scraped her nose up -- just in case you wondered what was going on there.)


Grilled cheese! Applesauce! Chips! Green Beans!

Eating the party dinner with Rose Miller

Deke, Ike, Atticus and Cal

Grandparents, Aunt Bekah, Eric Miller bonding with Atticus

Happy Birthday Chocolate Ice Cream!

Eric, Liz (and Owen) Berget!

Atticus and Grandma Nancy

Costume change for presents!


Liz and Owen!

Bekah's photo of my dad, Lincoln and Grandpa Tom

Rose & Thea Belle are Two Together!

Reading with Grandpa Tom & Grandma Nancy before they leave for Iowa and Thea Belle goes to bed

Early this morning before Grandpa Gary and Grandma Susan left for Wisconsin (Atticus had just left for school)

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