Friday, August 10, 2012

Lake 2012: People Outside

Marshmallow Roasting

My mother-in-law Nancy and brother-in-law Brian

My niece Ivy

Sand Angels -- Max' Idea

Ivy and Nancy (Kara's photo)

(Kara's photo)

Ivy and Ray (Kara's photo)
Grandpa Tom and Thea Belle (What is that expression???) (Nancy's photo)

Kids' Craft/Activity Time up at the Lodge (Kara's photo)

(kara's photo)

Baby Milo and Nancy

Milo getting some love from his other grandma, Kathy

A series of attempts to get a photo of all the cousins...


Once again (are you getting tired of me pointing it out?) look at Atticus

With Grandma and Grandpa


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