Thursday, August 23, 2012

Minnehaha Falls with the Millers!

Last week we the kids and I went hiking at Minnehaha Falls...and then the Millers joined us later. This was the longest we had hiked down the trail here -- and even Thea Belle hiked most of the way (though she needed carrying on the way back). This was the steepest, longest trail the boys made it up. It's hard to get an idea of how steep and tall it really was, but really, it is impressive. Lincoln needed some help on the last top stretch so I came up and got him to the ledge and helped him down. He was so proud (and I was proud of him!) (-: The boys actually did this twice because when the Millers came (minus Cal who had another activity that day) Issac needed to conquer it too! But then someone had a poop crisis and had to hide in some bushes and someone else disappeared over the top of the bluffs and there was that crazy trail I thought we should take but Leah, wisely, said "no"...and Lincoln started needing a nap and everyone was hungry and thirsty and then we straggled home. But, before that, it was a wonderful adventure and everyone was happy, for a little while. THAT, my friends, is the only kind of success you can hope for with an outing that includes me and my four kids.

(photo by Leah)

Rose, Ike, Dietrich, and Thea Belle (photo by Leah)

Ike (photo by Leah)

(photo by Leah)
Leah's awesome photo of Thea Belle

And Leah proving on film that Thea Belle is a giggler-extraordinaire!

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