Thursday, August 16, 2012

St. Louis Trip: Downtown

Lindsey took us downtown to an area which was originally built as a landscaping installation but quickly turned into a public splashpad-pool of sorts. My kids loved it -- even Thea Belle eventually broke out by getting in the pool. It was a perfect hot-HOT day (near 100 degrees) for this. The area was surrounded by grassy lawn set with interactive sculptures like a xylophone-type instrument set level with the ground which you played by jumping across the notes. Or swooshy metal slices that the boys tried climbing up with their wet slippy selves. (Also, I realized looking through these, that Deke is missing, but he was there so...)

Lindsey and Grant on left, Lincoln watching in middle, Felicity to his right


Robyn and Jonathan with Daphne, my mom and dad trying to escape a little heat in the shade nearby

The neat pool which had a lot of rules -- stay on this side of the rocks, but you can walk on the rocks but under no circumstances may you touch the waterfall -- It was a little much for the boys but they tried their darndest. I felt their pain -- I would have wanted to touch everything too.

Lilly can swim like a pro and Atticus was impressed with her face down swimming and even improved his own swimming just playing with her.
And we went inside The Arch (though not up it -- I want them to remember it!) -- neat museum inside...and as you can see, the boys were in fine moods by this point. I didn't even try to get Dietrich in the picture.

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