Friday, August 10, 2012

Lake 2012: Inside

Playing Games with Grandma and Brad

Thea Belle lounging and playing with her hair -- two favorite past-times

Everyone chatting...Tom and Nancy, Ray and Kathy (Brad's sister's in-laws who have been coming up the same week to stay with Kara and Brian in another cabin), and Brian and Brad; And laundry -- yep, even during vacation (I'm not complaining -- There's a great laundry room there and it's so low-key all week; It was actually nice to have some clean clothes to wear when we got back home at the end of the week!)

Ivy and Lincoln reading...Isn't this a wonderful picture!! (I think a bunch of these indoor ones were taken by Kara when she was down visiting -- We kinda shared each other's cameras (-:)

Max, Atticus, and Dietrich (with Angry Birds)

Thea Belle reading with Grandma

Brad playing games with the kids

Visiting the Children's Museum in town

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