Thursday, August 23, 2012

St. Louis Trip: Transportation Museum

My folks and Jonathan and Robyn and company had to leave on Wednesday. But we were able to stay an extra day. Earlier in the summer Lindsey had found a great deal on the Transportation Museum. So we used our tickets and checked it out. The funniest part was that we thought the firetruck and 2 cars down in the opening building was the entire museum. We were taking our time looking around the gift store ready to go home, when we found out from Lindsey that most of the museum was up the road -- Oh!!!! So then we headed up to the train yards. Many of the trains we were able to climb up in and look around. Some of the passenger trains from the 30s and 40s were open with a tour guide. Original woodwork and upholstery and even dining car kitchens. It was neat. The kids loved it. We also got a trolley-tram (from the 60's?) ride and a miniature train ride twice around the lower grounds of the museum.


A 1930s bus converted into a track-runner vehicle

Brad was very excited.

A milk tanker train car


Lincoln got a little dirty in the tanker.


The original dining car furnishings have not been restored yet. This car would be lined on both sides with tables.

Steam-powered motorcyle


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