Thursday, August 09, 2012

Neat Stuff

Real-working Snail Car by Jon Sarriugarte (p.s. one of my dreams is to be able to do metal-work)

An amazing plexiglass window guard by the design-build firm Because We Can (they make all sorts of make-me-cry-it-is-so-perfect window guards and other useful art). I mean, really, look at this one.

Two pairs of dream earrings which I can't remember where I found them -- sorry to you and to the artists who crafted them.

Almost perfect shoes by Clarks -- a new series of shoes that are made off of original designs from the 1930s and 40s. (As a side note, Brad's work shoes wore out this summer and he let me buy him the retro hobo boots from this same work line -- I know they aren't everybody's cup of tea but I really like them, especially since there is something about them that just seems right for Brad -- He's old school in so many ways, in so many of the best ways and yet...there's something dashingly rock'n'roll about him -- anybody who knows him well can see that, I think.)

Beautifully designed camper -- not sure who made it -- found via a friend's facebook wall from Art & Architecture's fb page.
Wonderful fabric from an illustration by Ed Emberly found at Cloud Nine Fabrics
I love this fox stamp at Paper Source.

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